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avalanche aleworks beer packaging


avalanche aleworks beer packaging

For my final project, I wanted to explore beer packaging as I hadn't designed anything other than boxes up until this point. Since we were able to come up with our own concepts and target audiences, I decided to create a fictional line of artisan beers based on design trends through the decades that would appeal to people interested in art and, well, beer.


My proposal was to create a brewing company, which came to be known as Avalanche Aleworks, that targeted a young and educated urban adult audience. The basis of the design for the bottles was rooted in design trends through the decades, which gave me an opportunity to explore different periods of design and mix them in part with the one that we are currently living in.

For the carrier, I ended up creating the "Decades Collection" which held all six beers, packaged in a more contemporary looking carrier with little homages to different periods of design within the background through the names of the beer as well as the box's separate typography and other flourishes.

the final labels

For the final labels, I decided to go with a simpler approach with the same basic template: typography, which needed to be the main component of the label, inspired by the decade with relevant color and/or illustration accompanying it. This way, things began to look more cohesive and part of the same brand. The labels, beginning with the green, express design trends and the general look of the decade beginning with the 1960s and finishing with 2010s, or this current decade.


These are the rough digital sketches I started off with. I wanted to make each one look very different from the other initially, but that became difficult when placing the logo on the labels, on top of the fact that it just didn't look like a cohesive brand or completed idea.