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flagship tea packaging


flagship mate cocido tea packaging

For this project, we were tasked with creating tea packaging for a fictional new brand. I wanted to position this tea company, Flagship, as having an authentic cultural connection experience through the teas they create and import that could be seen by the consumer. The intended audience for this tea was thought to be people of all ages with an interest in traveling and learning about new cultures.

Tea sachets

Tea sachets

I ended up going with a nautical theme, wanting to highlight adventure and the exploration of different cultures if the brand were to have other teas. While doing research, I found that sailors have specific kinds of teas made for them, on the ship and packaged elsewhere, specifically for pure water. Since ships don't have immediate access to fresh water, the water they do have goes through reverse osmosis, which, when brewed with teas, lessens flavor. The idea behind the Flagship tea is to make a tea that works just as well with pure water as it does with tap water and can be used anywhere without compromising the flavor. The teas will be sourced from around the world, bringing the consumer little pieces of different cultures and telling them about the origin on each box.


These are the sketches I started off with after doing research and deciding on the nautical theme. For the name of the company, I initially chose "North & Co." as an homage to Douglass North, who I discovered after researching some sailors. North was a navigator in the Merchant Marine during World War II. I liked the name at first, but I decided to go with the more commanding name of "Flagship". Flagship has been defined as:

1 : the ship that carries the commander of a fleet or subdivision of a fleet and flies the commander's flag.

2 : the finest, largest, or most important one of a series, network, or chain