Anam Merchant

"Rear Window" Icon Set + Poster


rear window thematic icon set

BRIEF: Generate a set of 10 new icons based on the plot of a novel, television series, or film. Two of the icons must represent abstract ideas rather than concrete objects.


For the thematic icon set, I created a set of icons based off the film Rear Window by Alfred Hitchcock. I think one of the cool things about this film is how there are so many minor characters that end up having a bit of the focus of the film on them, so I tried to play off of that as well as the other main thematic points of the film. I also attempted to explore the abstract theme of the male gaze that manifests throughout the film.

For the color scheme, I decided on a dark, three color print to fit with the ominous plot of the film.


These are the sketches I started off with. It was important to get the small representations of the facets of the different characters while still maintaining the plot of the film. For some icons, rather than doing representational images of them, I depicted what happened with them in the story (the dog, for example).



To accompany the icon set, I created a movie poster in the same style as the icon set.