Anam Merchant

visual identity systems


12 brand marks project

The first project consisted of finding companies from different industries and creating new graphic marks for them, creating 12 final marks total. The following project required the use of one of the new marks in rebranding the chosen company.



REI - I wanted to use a flag enclosure to represent the firm values of the company, as it's a co-op that is environmentally friendly and gives back to the planet as well as its customers.

MERCHNOW - I wanted to use a clothing tag and initials as the tag string to communicate that it is a clothing company. I wanted to shorten the company name to just its initials to usher in a new era and style of clothing.

alpha glyph

ADORAMA - The A signifies the company Adorama, a camera and photography company. The A is inspired by camera angles and the framing of photographs.

RANDOM OBJECTS - The box symbol with the R made up of a triangle and a circle represents clothing company Random Objects. Random Objects uses a lot of shapes and quirky designs in their clothing, and I wanted to reflect that.


ZERO - Zero is a new recording studio located in Chicago. I wanted to create a clean, graphic mark without any relation to music as not to make it cheesy. 

BLAZE - Blaze is an artisan pizza chain known for its quick service. I wanted to represent the speed of the service through the logotype.


REI - The tent symbolizes outdoorsmanship that the REI customer base represents.

MerchNow - The two shirts represent the clothing company. I wanted a clean, graphic mark to represent the variety in clothing.


PANES BREAD CAFÉ - I wanted to use a textured typeface along with a serif typeface to represent the artisan café, along with the symbol of a loaf of bread.

RANDOM OBJECTS - The box for Random Objects represents a literal object as well as the merging of shapes that RO tends to use in its imaging.


ORACLE - Oracle is a computer technology company. I wanted to represent that with circles and lines that looked like data points and somewhat of a loading symbol.

ZELLER'S TEXTILE COMPANY - Zeller's Textile Company is a company that specializes in rugs, scarves, clothing, and more. I wanted to create a pattern that could be found in something like a rug or scarf.


These are the sketches I started off with after doing research on each of the companies.